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Anne Hodder, ACS, is a multi-certified sex educator endorsed by the renowned San Francisco Sex Information program and the American College of Sexologists International. Her work focuses on inclusive sexuality education, emotional intelligence, shame reduction, and healthy relationship management — all with a fun, sex-positive approach.

  • Anne’s breadth of knowledge in the world of sex education is second to none and she has an enviable ability to meet her audience at their level and adjust her teaching style accordingly. And she makes sex-ed accessible for everyone, from high school students to seniors, in a way that’s inclusive, informative and fun. I appreciate the knowledge, compassion and genuine demeanor that Anne brings to her clients and she has been a pleasure to work with, both as a colleague and a friend.

    — Elle Chase, ACS; sex educator, author, Director of Education at Los Angeles Academy of Sex
  • Anne is easy to talk to and offers a well-rounded perspective on topics that aren’t always touched on in conventional sex ed sessions. I appreciate her use of humor and personal anecdotes to help build trust and rapport, and her positive energy helps keep the conversation going — especially when discussing difficult or uncomfortable subject matter. She makes complex ideas accessible and is clear in her commitment to valuing and highlighting diversity in sexuality.

    — Tristan Taormino, award-winning author, educator, and filmmaker
  • What makes Anne special is that she’s the kind of person people would actually WANT to talk to about their sex questions. She is “real” and meets people where they are. Anne is friendly and approachable, but she’s not going to fluff things up or pretend like sex is always this wonderful easy-breezy thing. It’s not, but it CAN be. Sex is complicated and it takes awareness and work to become comfortable and empowered around even just talking about it, and Anne’s compassionate (and cool) vibe makes it feel a little easier to take those first steps.

    — Katie Horwitch, founder of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk
  • Anne is a first-rate educator who consistently delivers the goods. With her extensive training and expertise in sex education, it's no surprise that her classes are interesting and informative, but it is Anne’s humor, good nature, and empathetic demeanor that allow her to create uniquely welcoming, comfortable, and stress-free learning experiences. She's someone I routinely turn to when I have a sex-ed question, as her knowledge base is huge, and she is an educator whom I deeply respect for her commitment to accurate, accessible, inclusive sex education. 

    — JoEllen Notte, writer, speaker, researcher, mental health advocate

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