Dreams are messages your mind gives you while you sleep.

There are no limits to the people, places and things your subconscious will use to tell the story.

Have you ever wondered what the hell it all means? 

If you’ve ever been confused, intrigued, or just plain freaked out by a dream,
you’re not alone.

Dreams show us aspects of ourselves that we often can’t see when we’re awake. Dreamwork can help identify the rules, belief systems, and behavior patterns that keep us feeling stuck and disconnected from ourselves and others, and it can be confronting — but also profoundly healing.

“Dreamwork changed my life.
I can talk circles around any therapist and disassociate from the slightest discomfort in seconds.
Dreamwork bypasses all that busy stuff and lets my subconscious take the wheel.”

Your brain isn’t trying to show you deep, dark secrets or reveal hidden truths you’d rather not know.
Dreams have beautiful things to say – you just have to listen.

Are you ready?

Dreamwork can help you:

Understand what your dreams mean – and what they don’t.

Connect with yourself on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Dismantle behavior patterns and belief systems that don’t serve you.

Build stronger relationships and more authentic bonds.

Enjoy a more satisfying sex and love life.

Enhance your current mental and emotional health work. 

“Anne has been a dedicated and passionate student of dreams for many years. She possesses a deeply compassionate heart and vibrant, clear communication skills, qualities that are essential for cracking open a dream and navigating the material found there. Over the years she has committed deeply to understanding dreams and how they can shed light on some of the most sticky issues in our society: sex, intimacy, connection, body image, and boundaries. Anne is a person of great integrity and deep heart, and someone I would fully trust with all of my insides — no matter how messy. “ — Kezia Vida; professional dreamworker, healer, mentor

Intrigued? Hire Anne to decode your dreams.