Sex dreams. We all have them.

They’re strange, sometimes unsettling, sometimes embarrassing – and sometimes super-hot.

Have you ever wondered what the hell they mean? 

If you’ve ever been confused, intrigued, or just plain freaked out by a sex or relationship dream, you’re not alone.

These kinds of dreams can be all over the place:

Maybe you cheated on your partner with the checkout guy at Trader Joe’s.

Maybe you had a steamy encounter with an ex you haven’t seen in years.

Maybe you were sexually aggressive (or passive) in a way that just felt…wrong.

Maybe you had a sexual experience that felt amazing but was illegal in all 50 states.

Maybe you had a sex dream that’s too embarrassing to even talk about.

Your first instinct might be to forget the dream ASAP…but what if those dreams actually contained valuable insight into your love life?

Using dreamwork will help you:

• Learn about the most common sex and relationship dreams.

• Understand what sex and relationship dreams mean – and what they DON’T.

• Discover what your unique sex and relationship dreams are trying to tell you.

• Use your dreams to deepen your relationships and enhance your sex life.

Intrigued? Hire Anne to decode your dreams.