Looking for a fun and fascinating way to amp up your party? Anne hosts high-energy workshops and events at bachelorette/bachelor parties, birthdays, ladies’ nights, and wellness retreats to give attendees an extra-special experience. Anne can create anything you like – or choose from some of her favorites:


Sexuality 101
This unique workshop delves deeper into the feelings, behaviors and value systems that make up our innate sense of sexuality. Providing a more comprehensive breakdown of what make us sexual beings, this workshop helps attendees gain a stronger understanding of their own needs and desires while forming compassion and empathy for others’. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be better able to define your “normal” and feel confident and comfortable with a more modern understanding of what sexuality means to you.

Own Your Sh!t: Rites & Rights of Healthy Relationships
Relationships don’t come with road maps, but navigating the twists and turns doesn’t have to feel treacherous – and we can help! Join Anne and her partner, Nathaniel V. Dust, for an honest and empowering practice designed to spark, shape, and nurture the unique relationships in your life. This workshop begins with a candid conversation about what we truly want and genuinely deserve within our relationships, followed by an immersive breathwork session that will help clear cobwebs and set the stage for your next step.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic companion or nourishing a connection with yourself, this workshop provides tools and support for exploring and honoring the kinds of partnerships that inspire you to be your most authentic self.

Mind F*ck: What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean
Sex dreams. We all have them. They’re strange, sometimes unsettling, sometimes embarrassing — and sometimes super-hot. Have you ever wondered what the hell they mean? This workshop is designed to shed new light on your most intimate dreams and help you understand the messages your mind gives you while you sleep. Whether you feel confused, intrigued, or just plain freaked out by a sex or relationship dream, you’re not alone: these kinds of dreams can be all over the place, from getting it on with an ex to infidelity to sexual encounters that feel too embarrassing to talk about. Though your first instinct might be to forget the dream ASAP, these dreams contain valuable insight into your love life and beyond, and Anne can help you navigate the knowledge.

Bedside Survival Guide: Sex Toy Edition
A fun and informative introduction to the wide world of sex toys. Learn the basics from how to shop, what to try, and how to use (and enjoy) your first vibrator, cock ring, butt plug and more. By the end of class, you’ll have a shopping list filled with tips and suggestions straight from an expert’s mouth!

Sex Positions for Happy Vulvas
A favorite at bachelorette parties, this workshop gives clients a comprehensive breakdown of penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex positions and techniques that amplify vulvar, vaginal and clitoral pleasure. By the end of class, you’ll have an empowered understanding of how to adjust and enhance your (or your partner’s) favorite sex positions for your enjoyment!

Better Blowjobs
A bachelorette party and ladies’ night fave, this workshop is more than your basic “how to” guide. Attendees not only have the opportunity to practice on their very own anatomically correct medical-grade silicone phallus, they also will get a crash course in how to make giving head an empowering and powerful experience for everyone involved. By the end of class, you’ll not only feel more confident about your BJ skills but also experience a renewed excitement for giving (and receiving) oral pleasure.

Pro-level Pussy-eating
A favorite for givers AND receivers, this workshop dives deep into the beautiful world of vulvas and how to pleasure their one-of-a-kind parts! Attendees will learn the ins and outs of the vulvar anatomy — including a peek at what the clitoris REALLY looks like! — and how to use your hands, fingers and even sex toys to supplement your tongue. By the end of class, you’ll not only feel better prepared (and even more pumped) to eat pussy, but also gain a stronger, more connected relationship with the clitoris, vagina, labia, and the rest of vulvas’ beautiful bits!

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